Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My first ever blog post.  The pressure is on.  lol. I've wanted to start a blog for forever now, and just never have had the time.  But now I have some new found freedom and I'm loving it!

A little back story on me.  I married my high school sweetheart and we have been married coming up on 18 years.  We have 4 kids.. R-almost 14, A-10, E-6, and sweet little S-almost 4 months.  Three girls and one boy.  I finally got my boy!  And he is such a snuggle bug.  We thought we were done after 3 girls, but I just didn't feel like my family was complete for the longest time. Thus the large age gap.  I now have that feeling of completeness.  Although, ask me in about 3-4 years, and we shall see what that answer is.

When E was about 3 months I started an online prop shop business.  I did that for about 5.5 years and was very successful.  But sadly it left me with a lot of feelings of guilt.  Working from home is not all it's cracked up to be. Don't get me wrong, I was/am very VERY grateful and blessed to have been able to help provide for our family.  But I was constantly working 24/7.  Sun up to sun down.  I was tired and grouchy and had no patience.  I feel like my kids got the worst of me for about 5 years.   When we decided to have S, I knew I was going to have to quit and I was ok with that.  It was a little hard at first to come to terms with it.  As that business was my baby, but my heart just wasn't in it anymore.  I finally feel like my old self again.  And not weighed down by the gazillion orders that were just waiting for me to work on.  Ok, maybe not a gazillion, but that's what it felt like, and I was always ALWAYS running behind.  Which I hate.  So now that, that burden is off my shoulders it's great! I've been discovering new hobbies, and blogging is one of them!

So with all this new found time on my hands... ahem... which actually isn't that much considering I have 4 humans that call me mom.... I'm going to focus on blogging about my thrifted treasures, my DIY projects, and just every day normal life.

We bought our home about 5 years ago. Our first home.  It was built in 1974.  It was completely outdated.  But it had the space we were looking for.  ( but actually feels like we are busting out of the seams at the moment ).  It was a blue carpet, ugly brown cabinet, mess.  We are on a budget so it's been slow going.  I get antsy and want everything done at once. I tend to forget just how far we have come and looking at old photos reminds me, and it feels great!  It's been a lot of trial and error as well.  Lets not talk about how many times the inside of the whole house has been painted.  ( Hubs must truly love me! )  I lost count along the way, but I'm going to say 4.  So looks like I get the itch to paint once a year.  lol.  It took awhile to figure out what style I liked, and what I was going for.  Looking back at some old photos,  I was shocked to see what I thought looked good at the time!  WHAT was I thinking.  lol.  I'll post a few so you all can have a good laugh.

Currently we have a lot of projects going on.  Things are a bit slower at completing these days, due to a certain 4 month old, but they are getting done.  Our house has been sitting without baseboards for about 3 years. ( I'm a tad embarrassed to even say that ).  The hallway cabinetry has been sitting undone for about that long as well.  It seems like once I start something and see how it is possibly going to look, I move on. It's a really bad habit of mine.  We have a cabinet we removed in the kitchen and the ceiling still needs to be patched.  The kids bathroom is getting a makeover at the moment.  ( which I'll post photos of soon! ).   And there is one stretch of hallway that still has blue carpet.  Ick.  I'm pretty sure there are a few more projects but I'm pretending they don't exist.  It sometimes feels like a never ending chore.

Well, I guess that wasn't so bad.  My first post was a little longer than I intended. I'll try not to be so wordy next time. :)

And for your viewing pleasure.....  ( try not to cringe too much )

The first photo is from the first night we received our keys.  It was a horrid aqua/blue mess.  It doesn't get any better either.  The first pic in the set of four, is a horrible ugly peach color. I wasn't meaning it to be peach. I was going for a bone white color.  My first lesson learned. Don't buy 6 gallons of paint without a test swatch first. Since I had already spent the money on it, we went with it. I hated it. And lived with it for about a year.  The orange, I actually liked.  It was fun to experiment with color, but we quickly grew tired of it, and felt like Fall all year round. Which technically isn't a bad thing in my book.  The last two pics, there isn't much of a difference.  I liked the tan at first, which is called Twine by Martha Stewart I believe.  It wasn't quite what I was going for. I then discovered Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter.  IN LOVE.  By far the best paint color there is out there. 
And there you have it.  Until next time. :) 

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