Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Summer Time and the Livings Easy... said no mom ever.

Summer time and the livings easy... now you have that song stuck in your head don'tcha?  Me too.

So, I left off at the end of R's 8th grade graduation.  Which is the start of summer.  We started off our summer with berry picking!  It's my jam.  <-- see what I did there.  :p  The kids loved picking the berries.  What we didn't love was the fact that it was 7584758475847 million degrees outside.  So it last probably about 15 min.  But I think my kids have a bright future in being berry pickers, as it only took them this long to pick 5 lbs worth.  I was proud mamma.

You can't tell, but in that photo Sam is sick.  I swear he had a cold that lasted the whole month of June.  Not a fun way to start our summer vacation.  I actually think he caught a couple colds back to back.  That was loads of fun. That's sarcasm.  In case you are fluent in it. 
Here's another random photo of Sam.  Just because he's cute, ( duh) and everyone loves a red head, yes? 

Here's my jam I was talking about. Oh and dilly beans.  I've decided Im not a fan of dilly's.  They were quite gross.  
The jams I made were:  Strawberry, Blackberry, Berry Bramble, Blueberry, and Blueberry Jalepeno.  Not all are pictured. 

Next up.  Sam turned the big 1!  Crazy how fast a year goes.  We had a Sesame Street themed party for him.  

He also got his first haircut this summer.  By his papa.  

He did so good!  He didn't mind the buzz of the clippers at all.  But that sucker probably wasn't the brightest idea I've had, as he was a hairy sticky mess afterwards. 

Whoa.  Who are these kids?  Hubs and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary this summer as well.  And I was 18 in this photo.  I've been married half my life.  Freaky.

Next up on the birthday train is Miss. E.  She turned 7.  She's cute.  And her picture poses are awesome.  She really knows how to work the camera. 

For the kids birthdays this year we decided to take the to Disneyland.  Their first time.  It was a fun but EXHAUSTING trip.  
Disneyland or Bust.  We took the grandparents with us, for moral support.  

I just think this is one of the sweetest moments.  When one child is not talking, and the other one is making a kind gesture, of letting her little sister sleep on her shoulder.  Aren't they the sweetest?? 

We have arrived!!  The obligatory photo in front of disneyland.  Although, this one sucks because there was a long line to get photos taken, and I just wanted to get in and ride the rides. 

We arrived about 6pm in the evening.  It was actually amazing and we didn't have to wait long at all to ride rides.  It was perfect.  We stayed until they closed, and woke up and did it all again the next day.  Here we are getting a later start than we wanted too the next morning.  Everyone is well rested, happy, and ready to have some fun! 

A much better photo of my 3 mousesketeers. 

And on day 3, Peter Pan stopped by to say hello!  The kids were pretty excited. 

R got a selfie with him. 

At this point, it was the end of the day. And I was exhausted.  It was hot.  And we were waiting in line for Indiana Jones, for 60 plus min.  I was ready to go home.  But I didn't let it show.  I'm a trooper. 

We ended the last day earlier than the previous nights. We were all so exhausted and our feet hurt.  We ate dinner at Ruby's Diner, which is amazing by the way.  And then went to our hotel rooms and crashed.  This is what one looks like the next morning, when you're exhausted, sunburnt, and ready to sleep in your own bed.  I'm pretty sure that bed head could win an award. 

You know it's been a fun trip when everyone is asleep on the way home. 

I was so happy to get home and see this cute little face waiting for me.  Yes, I'm one of THOSE people.  Ms. Moo missed me.  I know she did. 

Which now leads us to Miss A's birthday.  11.  Sheesh.  Time flies.  This girl is hilarious.  She is the most quick witted kid I know. She gets that from her father. She knows all the words to just about every song, and she can ad lib if she doesn't know the words. I wish I had that talent. And she has jokes.  No really.  She has the best jokes. 

It's that time again.  A random cute photo of a cute little red headed boy.  
We were out driving around one evening withe the windows down, and he was loving the wind blowing in his face.  This is one of my favorite photos.  

A few weeks after we took the trip to Disneyland, Hubs and I went back, by ourselves, without kids ( can I get an amen? ) and it was glorious!!  

This next photo, I wasn't feeling too good.  We went on the roller coaster California Screamin, and I'm not as young as I use to be, and it made me feel a bit quesey.  Which then ruined the rest of the day. So we decided to take a break and go back to the hotel and rest up for the rest of the night.  Me, sporting my minnie ears.  Which I had to have.  

After we took a short nap, we were back at it, and enjoyed the rest of the evening. It was a nice break to get away for a bit.  I missed my babies tremendously though! And I was so happy to see them and hug them.  

And just like that, summer was over, and school was starting already.  I can't believe I have a highschooler,  6th grader and 2nd grader. Where does the time go? 

So now I'm all caught up, and I can get back to my regular home decor blog.  But I think i'll be adding in more family stuff as well.  Be on the look out for my next post, hopefully soon! I have some exciting news to share!  


  1. Enjoyed this post too! I hope the kids have a good year at school. You won't know what to do with just one baby kiddo! But it could be decor-related... Hugs!

  2. Love your blog "style" much fun to read :-D Looks like you had a busy summer! Keep posting!!!


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